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  • J.Spec - All Models and bundles 
  • AllRounder Deep Meat Bundles
  • FreeFall Deep Meat Bundles
  • Sled Heads - 1oz 5/0 2oz 5/0 4oz 7/0 
  • 6.5" McPaddles - Pink Purple, Iridescent*, UV Lime, Black n Gold, UV Moon Wrasse
  • 5" McPaddles - Iridescent, UV Lime, Black n Gold Glow, UV Moon Wrasse, Chilli Pepper Glow
  • 7.0 BullWhip Minnows - Pink Glow, Sargent Glow 
  • 5.0 BullWhip Minnows - Pink Glow, Sargent Glow
  • INKA Squid Jigs - Pilchard, UV Multi, Western Red
  • 8 Braid PE 1.5 25lb and PE 3 40lb

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