Soft Plastic Discount Bundles

Buy in BUNDLES and SAVE!

Abrolhos Soft Plastics drive fish absolutey crazy with their ribbed vibrating action and insane motion fish can't resist them our  McPaddles, Bullwhips and GRub models represents a large bait fish and more often than not get inhaled by most  predetory fish species.

  • 10X Tough Elastic
  • Ribbed vibrating design
  • Proven tried and tested
  • Glowstick Insert* 6.5" v2 + 8" models
  • UV enhanced*


Recommended Jig heads 2oz,3oz,4oz 7/0 Sled Heads or 3oz,4oz,6oz 7/0 or 6oz 8/0 Projectile Heads