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4/0 BKK Tripple Rig Assist

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4/0 BKK Triple Rig Assist Hooks with UV Tiger Glow skirts are a sophisticated fishing setup that combines sharp BKK hooks and UV glow skirts to attract fish effectively. This high-quality fishing rig with sharp BKK hooks, UV glow skirts, and secure attachment ensures a captivating presentation that entices fish to bite, making it an excellent choice for fishing enthusiasts seeking a reliable and effective setup.

Here are the key features of this fishing rig:

  • Hooks: Equipped with the sharpest BKK hooks, ensuring excellent hook penetration and secure fish hooking


  • UV Tiger Glow Skirts: The UV glow skirts emit a fluorescent glow underwater, attracting fish even if the bait is removed.


  • Enticement:  The UV glow of the skirts entices fish to bite, enhancing the chances of a successful catch.


  • Construction: The setup includes £180 cord that ties the hooks and UV glow skirts together securely.


  • Versatile Rigging:** The rig is designed to be attached without any weight, ensuring the natural movement of the bait.


  • Attachment:** The design does not allow for attachment to any weight with a split ring, maintaining the integrity and movement of the setup.